Mishell, Linda, Jasmine, Ivy, Bluebell, Dandelion, Daffodil, Daisy, Dhalia, & Dorthy

Mishell and Linda were rescued in February 2020. We don't know much about where they came from, other than that they were in the care of an elderly lady who could no longer keep them. We call them the twins as from afar, they're really hard to tell apart and they can always be found together. They're an inseparable pair!

Ivy, Bluebell and Jasmine were part of a rescue of four from a "free-range" farm in April 2022. Ivy is the wild one and she's always jumping the highest, escaping the fastest and causing the most trouble. Jasmine was absolutely terrified and nearly featherless on her back when she first arrived, but given time, she absolutely blossomed and grew beautiful white spotted feathers just like Jasmine flowers! Bluebell is a quiet girl around the flock but she loves chatting to humans - we're still working out what she's trying to say!

Dandelion, Dhalia, Daffodil, Dorothy and Daisy were rescued from a barn farm in March 2023. They're still on their journey to good health and are settling in to their new lifestyle!


Luna & Rae

Luna and Rae came to us at just 8 weeks old. They were bred in an animal park to attract visitors and used for "pizza, prosecco and piglet cuddling" nights. As their breeders can't control litter size, their litter was larger than "commercially viable". Instead of ending up on the slaughter wagon, they've found their forever home with us.

Luna is a very excitable puppy who just loves melon and bananas! She is also learning to "sit". She's definitely the boss out of the two sisters.

Rae is a really she's a really clever girl, mastering how to break free from her temporary indoor enclosure in her first few days with us, no matter how we tweaked it or how hard we made it to escape! She insisted on breaking out to come and find us! She always comes over to say thank you after gobbling her treats - that isn't something we've taught her, she's just a real sweetheart!


Benni, Bobby and Charlie

These three boys were adopted from one of our local animal sanctuaries and providing them with a home opened up space for more rescues at the sanctuary.

Bobby is a confident chap and can almost always be found munching!

Charlie is a cheeky escape artist who is always trying to outsmart the humans and break free from the run!

Benni was a shy and reserved boy...until the treats came out -  he could always be persuaded by treats! Sadly Benni is no longer with us. We're hoping to introduce two more rabbits later this year.

Senior Pup


Betty is a rescue Pomeranian. She is estimated to be between 8 and 10 years old.

Betty is very sweet natured, calm, good with all her chicken, rabbit and pig siblings and always a delight. Her two favourite things are cuddles with her human daddy and pink lady apples!