Karen's KIND

Our family of all kinds, raising awareness around equality and welfare in loving memory of our ex-battery hens Karen and Maggie. 

Be KIND to every KIND

The Lodge is a three bedroom, self-contained getaway situated in the microsanctuary. Stays in The Lodge help to fund the daily needs of the animals who live here. All proceeds from The Lodge bookings are spent on animal care.

How it started

In February 2020, we rehomed three ex-battery hens. We had no previous experience with chickens but we knew we wanted to save some lives. One of those girls, Teri, sadly didn't survive her first 48 hours of freedom. Karen and Maggie battled the perils of selective breeding for egg production for long enough to live happy and free lives, but sadly Karen lost her fight in March 2022 and Maggie in November 2022. Those girls taught us the value of all sentient beings, how deserving of love and kindness they were and made us into more compassionate people. Now, we rescue animals from all sorts of situations and have grown our family of all kinds. We want to show others just how innocent and special these individuals are and inspire humans to make kinder choices.

The Lodge @ Karen's Kind

Your very own vegan getaway in the suburbs of Bristol. Each stay comes with an opportunity to meet and greet the rescue animals!

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